Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    NNA – Israeli enemy reconnaissance aircraft flew over southern Lebanonrsquo;s western and central sectors throughout the past night and into Tuesday morning, reaching the outskirts of the city of Tyre. This coincided with the release of illuminating bombs over bordering villages adjacent to the Blue Line.

    The enemy escalated its provocations yesterday evening in the villages and towns of the western and central sectors. Warplanes targeted a house in the town of Majdal Selm, resulting in its destruction, the loss of one life, and several injuries. Additionally, substantial damage was inflicted on properties, electricity, and water networks in the town. Heavy artillery shelled the outskirts of towns including Naqoura, Alma Al-Shaab, Tyre Harf, Dayr Al-Harf, and Chehine, as well as Mount Labouneh and the vicinity of the town of Naqoura.

    Meanwhile, UNIFIL forces maintained their positions and sounded alarm sirens multiple times during the enemy#39;s hostile bombardment of the area.

    Notably, the enemy has expanded the geographical scope of its assaults beyond the southern Litani River, targeting southern villages that had not experienced attacks since the beginning of the conflict.

    On another front, reception centers for displaced individuals in Tyre are witnessing overcrowding, especially as official school buildings are still partly allocated for education.






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