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    Janel Grant hopes “any secrecy” in WWE “has been destroyed” by her explosive sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon, in which she claims a 78-year-old man defecated on her head in a threesome.

    The former WWE employee who accused Vince McMahon of sex trafficking and claimed the 78-year-old billionaire defecated on her head during a threesome admits she “hopes any door to secrecy has been ripped off its hinges” with her lawsuit.

    Janel Grant, who previously agreed to a $3 million settlement in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement in 2022, filed a new lawsuit against McMahon, WWE and a former executive this week.

    In that filing, which was obtained by, Grant claims that McMahon, who denies the allegations, stopped making payments after the initial $1 million installment, and is now seeking to void that deal.

    Additionally, Grant claims she suffered bruising and bleeding after McMahon forcibly penetrated her with sex toys, which he named after his wrestlers.

    She also alleges that McMahon and another WWE executive locked her in a room at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, in June 2021 and took turns sexually assaulting her during the workday.

    The alleged victim ‘hopes the doors of secrecy have been broken down’ in WWE

    Janel Grant (pictured) is suing Vince McMahon, WWE and another company executive

    McMahon has been accused of sex trafficking by a former WWE employee

    McMahon, married, is also accused of trafficking Grant to other men and sharing naked photographs of the plaintiff. Grant is seeking unspecified damages.

    He said in a statement read by his St. Louis attorney, Ann Callis, that he “hopes all doors of secrecy have been broken down.”

    He added: “He hopes those in the company, past and present, who are afraid to speak out about the damage will be a thing of the past.” He wishes peace to all.

    McMahon responded to the claims through a spokesperson, who says the 78-year-old intends to fight to clear his name.

    “This lawsuit is filled with lies, made-up obscene cases that never happened, and vindictive distortion of the truth,” a spokesperson for McMahon said Thursday. “He will defend himself vigorously.”

    WWE previously described McMahon’s sexual relationship with Grant as “consensual” in a 2022 statement.

    The lawsuit comes as McMahon is reducing his role within the company. In fact, he briefly left WWE in 2022, when initial allegations of his infidelities first surfaced in a Wall Street Journal report.

    And this week, former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was named to the board of directors of TKO, the umbrella company formed by the UFC-WWE merger. Meanwhile, another former wrestler, Triple H (aka Paul Levesque) replaced McMahon as WWE’s chief content officer.

    PICTURED: The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut

    WWE executive and retired wrestler John Laurinaitis is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Laurinaitis was fired from WWE in 2022.

    Grant began working with WWE in 2019 and joined the company at a difficult time in his life, according to the document.

    “The two met in March 2019, when Ms. Grant was dealing with deep grief and struggling financially; after spending years caring for her children 24 hours a day, her parents passed away,” the document reads. «In addition, she was unemployed and her family home was lost due to her parents’ bankruptcy.

    “As McMahon made promises that would change his life and career in front of Ms. Grant, he demonstrated a growing lack of boundaries,” the document reads. ‘During several meetings that were ostensibly about a possible WWE job, he greeted her in his underwear, touched her, repeatedly asked for hugs, and spent hours sharing intimate details about her personal life.

    “Despite Ms. Grant’s expressions of unhappiness and her attempts to end the sexual relationship, and although she came to understand that McMahon expected the physical relationship to continue as part of her employment, she had no idea how sordid it was. would become, nor how the psychological impact of torture and physical violence would leave her feeling helpless, isolated and trapped.’


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