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    The Black Country derby FA Cup clash is SUSPENDED due to violent clashes between West Brom and Wolves fans in the stands – and the match may NOT resume today amid security fears.

    Wolves beat West Brom 2-0 in FA Cup fourth round
    The match is suspended with eight minutes left and injury time
    Both teams headed to the tunnel after fan unrest caused a pause in the game.







    West Bromwich Albion’s Black Country derby against Wolves was abandoned with almost 10 minutes remaining amid shocking and disturbing scenes at The Hawthorns.

    A heavy punishment looks inevitable for Albion amid scenes that embarrassed the game. A man was led across the field from the east stand, with blood pouring from his face, and out down a hallway toward the west stand.

    Shortly after Matheus Cunha put Wolves 2-0 up, clashes broke out in a corner of the Birmingham Road End as fans entered the pitch.

    About 30 police officers and a similar number of stewards tried to calm the situation, but despite four announcements for fans to leave the field, the match did not resume, almost 25 minutes after Cunha’s goal.

    Both teams had returned to the locker rooms and the fans warned that the game could not restart unless they returned to their seats.

    The Wolves were 2-0 up before the match was abandoned, with both teams heading to the tunnel.

    The match has been suspended after unpleasant scenes and confrontations between both fans.

    There was a heavy police presence before and during the match, as this is a historic and heated rivalry.

    At one point, Albion defender Kyle Bartley was seen holding a small child on the pitch. The match had always had the potential for violence, as it was the first time these rivals had faced off in front of fans since 2012.

    There were about 250 riot police deployed in the area and the atmosphere was tense. It was unclear what had caused this flashpoint, although towards the end of the first half Wolves supporters appeared to have been chased away from the Albion pitch.

    About 10 points after the original problems, there was more fighting in the East Stand, near the Smethwick End corner, which houses Wolves fans.

    Shortly after those incidents, police and stewards led a man with a bloody face across the field.


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    There was harassment and provocation from both groups of supporters throughout, but security teams seemed to have it under control in the harrowing final scenes.

    ITV reporter Katie Shanahan provided an update from inside the tunnel.

    She said: “A number of the players’ children are in that area so we are waiting to see what happens, but the referees cannot start the game until they have received the all clear from the security team.”

    “If it is not deemed safe then it is up to the FA to decide what to do next, so we are still waiting.”

    “At the moment it is not safe to continue with this game.”


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