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    Joey Barton publishes ITV football pundit Eni Aluko’s legal letters as she sues him for causing “extreme annoyance and distress”, which he dismisses as “she’s not very good at her job”.

    Joey Barton has claimed that Eni Aluko is suing him for causing “extreme annoyance” and “distress” to the TV pundit.

    Barton has been widely condemned – including by Rishi Sunak – for his attacks on female experts, going so far as to invoke the names of serial killers Fred and Rose West when making vengeful comments online.

    Aluko, who recently traveled to the Ivory Coast to work on the African Cup of Nations, said he had been “afraid” to leave his house following Barton’s tirades.

    The former England star turned broadcaster has been the 41-year-old’s top target and now it looks like Aluko and his team have responded to Barton.

    Barton took xformerly known as Twitter, on Monday to reveal Instagram messages from a lawyer claiming to represent the former Chelsea striker.

    Joey Barton has claimed that Eni Aluko is suing him for causing “extreme annoyance” to the TV pundit.

    Aluko claimed she had been “really scared” to leave her house after Barton’s tirades.

    Barton took to social media to reveal messages sent by a lawyer claiming to represent Aluko.

    Another day. Another letter from Samuel’s lawyers.

    Eni Aluko is now joining Jeremy Vine and suing me for saying she isn’t very good at her job.

    It’s interesting that they both use the same attorneys.

    What kind of law firm sends you Instagram messages?


    – Joey Barton (@Joey7Barton) January 29, 2024

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    Turning to social media, Barton wrote: ‘Another day. Another letter from Samuel’s lawyers.

    ‘Eni Aluko is now joining Jeremy Vine and suing me for saying she’s not very good at her job. It’s interesting that they both use the same attorneys.

    ‘What kind of law firm sends you Instagram messages? Pranksters’.

    Barton attached a screenshot of a message, apparently sent by Samuel’s Solicitors on Instagram, which read: ‘Mr Barton. Today we have delivered a letter of complaint on behalf of our client, Eniola Aluko, by special delivery that will arrive today at 1:00 p.m.

    “It relates to your ongoing conduct against our client and, in particular, your post on 19 January 2024, which made false, inaccurate and defamatory allegations about her and her family and has caused her extreme distress, distress and damage to her reputation. “.

    MailSport has contacted Samuel’s lawyers for comment.

    The former Manchester City, QPR and Newcastle midfielder also shared an image of a letter sent to him by the same lawyers on January 26.

    It said: ‘As you see, this is addressed to Potter Derby, who is acting for you in the claim Jeremy Vine is bringing against you.

    “At the time of writing, the attached letter to Potter Derby has not been sent, as we have not yet received confirmation from them that they will accept it on their behalf.”

    Barton had previously exchanged verbal blows with the BBC Vine star.

    A letter sent to Barton was apparently made according to the “instructions of Eni Aluko.”

    Barton launched a tirade on X, formerly known as Twitter, against ITV pundit Eni Aluko and commentator Lucy Ward.

    Barton has come under intense criticism in recent weeks for a series of sexist comments against women, who he claims are “not qualified” to talk about men’s football.

    Earlier this month he targeted former Chelsea and England star Aluko and Lucy Ward, a former footballer turned commentator, for their coverage of the FA Cup third round clash between Crystal Palace and Everton for ITV.

    Addressing Aluko, he wrote on X: ‘How come she even talks about men’s football? She can’t even kick a ball properly. Your coverage of last night’s EFC match took him to a new low. Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward, the Fred and Rose West of football commentary.

    Aluko took the moral high ground after Barton’s foul-mouthed tirade against her, but soon after, Barton wrote another post about the expert.

    The tome xformerly known as Twitter, to write: ‘Thinking about it, I feel like I’ve been a little harsh on Eni Aluko by comparing her to Rose West.

    ‘Had a bit of time to consider the impact of my words after @itvfootball’s big statement.

    Aluko (left) and Lucy Ward (right) fell victim to Barton’s attacks on social media after he compared the experts to serial killers Fred and Rose West.

    He’s clearly in the Joseph Stalin/Pol Pot category. He has murdered hundreds of thousands of football fans in recent years. ‘Meritocracy rules!’

    Stalin was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for a quarter of a century, including World War II, and is known for his totalitarian communist regime.

    Meanwhile, Pol Pot was another communist dictator who ruled Cambodia as Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea between 1976 and 1979.

    Barton’s previous post referenced Fred and Rose West, who murdered 12 women and girls over the course of 20 years.

    He previously boasted that he would score ‘100 out of 100 penalties’ against Mary Earps after she won the Sports Personality of the Year award earlier this month.

    Barton also called it “dangerous” for women to work in men’s clubs because “they have full-blown affairs and cost people marriages.”

    He previously went on a tirade after Mary Earps won Sports Personality of the Year, labeling her a “big sack of potatoes.”

    Campaign group Women in Football praised ITV for supporting Aluko and Ward.

    “We call on all employers in the football industry to show the same support for their employees and take all possible measures to ensure their well-being in the current epidemic of misogynistic abuse,” they said.

    “As a leading agency driving gender equality in football, we support all those who suffer this type of abuse.”


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