Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

    TheBlaze’s Jason Whitlock Quietly Deletes Promo of Antisemitic Interview

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    After coming under fire for hosting virulent antisemite E. Michael Jones, who claimed “the Jews took over the Blacks early on” and are “running the Biden administration,” TheBlaze’s Jason Whitlock has looked to distance himself from the scandal. Not only has the right-wing sports pundit addressed the controversy on his podcast, but he’s deleted tweets promoting his interview with Jones and taken the entire episode down from YouTube. Far-right commentators, meanwhile, have since mocked Whitlock and suggested that TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck forced the former ESPN personality to publicly apologize.

    During a lengthy interview that aired on January 18, Whitlock described Jones as “a celebrated author, a public intellectual, [and] an ardent supporter of the Catholic faith.” Praising Jones’ latest book and noting that they both believe that “sexual lust…has been turned into a tool to control all of us,” Whitlock boasted that the author was “under attack by the Anti-Defamation League” and had been “canceled because of his writings.” Considering the ADL describes Jones as “an anti-Semitic Catholic writer who promotes the view that Jews are dedicated to propagating and perpetrating attacks on the Catholic Church and moral standards, social stability, and political order throughout the world,” it shouldn’t have been too surprising that Jones would eventually go on an anti-Jewish rant during the interview. Despite Jones’ stunningly bigoted commentary, which appeared to leave Whitlock in shock at times, TheBlaze host repeatedly nodded along with Jones and lauded him for his “fearless” views.

    After Jones said Jews are “undermining the moral fabric of the American people,” Whitlock appeared to back his guest’s remarks. “I get it, and I can’t say that I disagree,” he replied. Jones would go on to say that hundreds of Jews were running the government before making even more noxious claims about Jewish people “controlling” the Black community. At the end of the interview, which included on-screen “TRUTH BOMB” graphics, Whitlock gave Jones his seal of approval. “Mr. Jones, you are fearless,” Whitlock declared, adding that any critics should know that “the man is speaking facts, and I know the intent of what he just said, and I got no problem with it.” Whitlock then promoted Jones’ comments about Jews with a series of tweets but took most of the posts down within a day amid growing backlash.

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