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    Joe Mazzulla explained why assistant coach Sam Cassell tried to block Buddy Hield’s shot


    “We’re supposed to block shots when the other team shoots. That’s the rule.”

    Friend Hield. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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    Joe Mazzulla had a perplexed look on his face when he was asked the etiquette of blocking opposing teams’ shots when a play ends.

    “Label?” Mazzulla asked. “This is not a country club.”

    One of Indiana guard Buddy Hield’s shot attempts Wednesday night raised the question. When Hield fired after the whistle, celts assistant Samuel Cassell He ran and tried to block it.

    “The rule is we’re supposed to block it,” Mazzulla said. “We’re supposed to block shots when the other team shoots. That’s the rule.”

    Mazzulla said he saw Hield practicing his shooting form in front of the Celtics bench, but decided not to go there. Hield had not taken an actual jumper while Mazzulla was watching. But he finally did, and that’s when Cassell sprang into action.

    “I would have blocked it myself, but he didn’t shoot. He was in shooting shape,” Mazzulla said.

    Cassell was simply following the rules, Mazzulla said. It wasn’t anything personal.

    Sam Cassell simply ran to the opposite corner to try to block Buddy Hield’s 3-point attempt after the whistle.

    – Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow) January 31, 2024

    “He was very personable. Buddy Hield is a great guy,” Mazzulla said. “He is a guy with great character. Remember, he’s the same guy who admitted guilt at the end of the other game, remember that? So, he is a very good guy.”

    The Pacers beat the Celtics earlier this month in Indiana. The game was tied at 131 and Jaylen Brown attempted a shot with three seconds left.

    Brown appeared to be fouled by Hield on the play. Brown was not penalized, but Hield admitted after the game that the contact he made with Brown should have been called a foul. He got his way and the Pacers earned a close victory.

    The Pacers weren’t so lucky Wednesday night at TD Garden. The Celtics held on for a 129-124 victory after scoring 79 points and nearly blowing a double-digit halftime lead.


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