Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    Larry David Reveals He’s Been Trying to End ‘Curb’ Since 2005


    With a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm just around the corner, Larry David is sharing that he actually planned to end the acclaimed comedy series all the way back in 2005. The upcoming premiere of the 12th and final season of the iconic HBO series marks an impressive 24 years since the first episode aired. However, during an appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast this week, the Curb creator revealed that the show’s fifth season was supposed to be its last.

    When Simmons asked how many times throughout the show’s lengthy run David thought, “That’s the last season, I’m not doing it,” the Seinfeld co-creator replied that there was one time when he thought for sure he was tapped out.

    “That was season five after I died,” David explained, referring to the season finale in 2005 in which he decides to donate a kidney to Richard Lewis and briefly dies during the operation before coming back to life. “I died specifically to end the show. I died and went to heaven. I thought, I’m not going to do this again, so I died and went to heaven. I met Ben Hogan and he gave me some golf tips, and my mother. In fact, the title of the show was called ‘The End.’”

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