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    Travis Kelce says he WOULD do Hot Ones AGAIN, with his brother Jason, despite having trouble on his last appearance with the Chiefs star joking that he needed to go to the HOSPITAL and that his stomach hurt.






    Travis Kelce appeared on ‘Hot Ones’ early in his career, eight years ago.
    The Chiefs tight end will play in the next Super Bowl against the 49ers provides the latest international sports news.

    Travis Kelce has revealed he would do ‘Hot Ones’ again with his brother Jason, despite his last appearance on the wing-eating show causing him significant pain.

    Kelce appeared on the show – which makes celebrities eat increasingly spicier wings – in 2016, and overcame the challenge without drinking milk or water.

    And although the food made him joke that he wanted to go to the hospital afterwards, he said on a recent episode of ‘new heights‘that he would be willing to return to his brother Jason.

    Kelce admitted this when he answered a fan question during the show and warned his older brother about what he could face.

    “I’ll tell you this right now, those wings and those sauces are no fucking joke,” Travis said.

    Jason and Travis Kelce were asked about participating in ‘Hot Ones’ on their New Heights podcast.

    Travis Kelce struggled with spice on ‘Hot Ones’ in 2016, but finally nailed it

    The Chiefs tight end then told a funny story from the brothers’ college days at the University of Cincinnati.

    “The first time I was introduced to a world record hot sauce was thanks to this damn jabroni in front of me,” he began, referring to Jason.

    ‘Jason made an online purchase in college specifically to ruin everyone’s leftovers. Like he secretly put hot sauce on all the leftovers in the refrigerator, and he just watched everyone be so confused when they ate his food.

    As Kelce wrapped up work on ‘Hot Ones,’ he was visibly struggling toward the end of the interview with the show’s host, Sean Evans.

    Kelce has been in excellent form in recent weeks, helping the Chiefs reach the Super Bowl.

    At the end he told the audience: “I’m in pain right now, guys… I feel very dizzy.”

    At the beginning of the interview, he also complained of stomach pain.

    Kelce hopes to feel better next weekend when the Chiefs face the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

    If Kansas City emerges victorious, it would be Kelce’s third career championship.


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