Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    A group of people chilling on a sauna boat sailed to a Tesla’s rescue after the vehicle plunged into an icy fjord

    Rescue personnel retrieved the Tesla car with a crane after it plunged into the Oslo fjord on February 1, 2024.

    An unlikely saviour came to a sinking Tesla’s rescue in Oslo.Guests on a floating sauna boat noticed the electric vehicle had plunged into an icy fjord.The boat’s skipper said the Tesla’s two occupants were able to warm themselves with the sauna.

    A Tesla vehicle and its occupants were headed straight for the icy depths of an Oslo fjord on Thursday when they were rescued by people on a floating sauna boat that happened to be nearby.

    “One of the guests came running and alerted me that a car had fallen into the water. Then I went full throttle toward the people who came climbing out of the car,” the boat’s skipper, Nicholay Nordahl, told the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang.

    Oslo police confirmed the incident in a post on X, formerly Twitter, on the same day. Rescue personnel were later able to retrieve the Tesla with a crane.

    The driver of the Tesla told Verdens Gang that he thought the car was in park when he stepped on its accelerator. The mistake sent the car diving straight into the icy fjord. Verdens Gang did not provide the names of the driver and his passenger.

    The Tesla’s driver and passenger could be seen climbing onto the vehicle’s roof as it began to sink, per a video obtained by Verdens Gang.

    The vehicle was barely visible in the video when Nordahl’s boat approached the Tesla’s occupants. Nordahl told Verdens Gang that the driver and the passenger later warmed themselves up with the sauna on board.

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