Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

    Pet owners share hilarious photos of their scattered cats and dogs after a visit to the vet



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    When we invite an animal into our home, they quickly become part of the family and we take their health seriously.

    Beloved pets may need to visit the vet for a number of reasons throughout their lives – whether for routine procedures such as spaying and neutering in early life, to other medical treatments further down the line.

    For the most part, thanks to hardworking veterinarians, we can know that our furry friends are in safe hands when we drop them off at the animal hospital.

    But when they get home, it takes a while for them to be their most alert selves again.

    Cat and dog owners from around the world have shared hilarious photos of their pets after picking them up from the vet – before the sedatives had fully worn off.

    Paws up! Pet owners from around the world have been sharing photos of their furry friends looking a little worse for wear after a trip to the vet, like this cat looking aloof

    A collection of photos op shows some very scattered animals that seem to have no idea that they have just been operated on.

    In fact, they seem to be unaware of anything at all.

    Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest photos of beloved pets after their visit to the vet…

    Which way is up? This cat was sent home with a cone around his neck, but he managed to turn the protective measure inside out and appears to be upside down

    The lights are on, but no one is home: This dog may have his eyes open, but very little is happening behind him

    This cat fought bravely to keep his eyes open after a visit to the vet, but he appears to be losing the battle

    Time for another nap! This Dog Fell Asleep in the Back of the Car on the Way Home — and He Looks Like He’s Having the Best Nap of His Life

    This little dog was wrapped in his favorite onesie when he got home from the vet – even though he probably doesn’t fully understand that

    This little tabby cat, who still had a few shaved spots on his arms, couldn’t quite stand up straight

    A cute terrier who was bandaged after surgery could not close his mouth

    That’s not the bath! This cat didn’t notice his paws were in the water bowl as he stared intently at an empty spot on the wall


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