Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

NNA ndash; House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Tuesday received a delegation from the National Consensus Bloc at the Second Presidency in Ain al-Tineh. The delegation included MPs Faisal Karami, Hassan Murad, Adnan Traboulsi, and Mohammad Yahya. Discussions reportedly focused on the countryrsquo;s general conditions, political developments, and legislative matters.

After the meeting, MP Mohammad Yahya spoke on behalf of the bloc, stating, quot;We were honored to meet with Speaker Berri. These meetings are essential. Both we and Speaker Berri believe that electing a President can only be achieved through dialogue.quot;

He added, quot;We understood from Speaker Berri that some blocs and individual MPs have, through meetings and dialogue, reached a conclusion and retreated from their previous demands, showing an almost unanimous willingness to engage in dialogue. We hope that all blocs, including the Free Patriotic Movement and MP Gebran Bassil, whom we met, will participate in this dialogue with sincere intentions.quot;

MP Yahya concluded, quot;Had we followed Speaker Berri#39;s proposed approach, we could have elected a President by now instead of enduring this prolonged vacancy. We respect Speaker Berri and have confidence in him. Naturally, according to the law and procedures, the Speaker of Parliament should manage this dialogue in the Parliament.quot;

Speaker Berri also met with former Minister Ghazi Aridi to discuss current political and field developments. Among Berri#39;s visitors was CMA CGM Group Chairman Rodolphe Saadeacute;.