Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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3 passengers on the Alaska Airlines blowout flight are suing the carrier and Boeing for $1 billion
Boeing whistleblower says he urged Alaska Airlines to ground the 737 Max before blowout — and calls regulators ‘horribly asleep at the wheel’

Boeing is delaying its 737 Max production expansion after the Alaska Airlines door plug incident
An airline CEO who uses exclusively 737s warns tickets could get more expensive due to production delays, with the FAA ‘crawling all over’ Boeing

First Boeing Official Ejected One Month After 737 Max Blow-Out

Boeing fires 737 Max chief after fuselage panel blew out on Alaska Airlines plane and exposed a litany of safety failings that sparked $30BILLION market selloff
United Airlines is ‘deeply disappointed’ in Boeing over delays to new plane deliveries, as another major customer warns it needs to get its ‘act together’

Boeing isn’t bringing any passenger jets to the Singapore Airshow as China’s first airliner makes its international debut
Boeing 737 Max blowout ‘makes us very humble,’ says Airbus CEO