Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Louisiana cousins aged 10 and 12 beat three-year-old girl to death while two moms gambled in the casino: Another child called police to report it after being left at home alone with EIGHT kids
Ivanka Trump’s spotty memory called ‘suspect’ by judge in fraud trial verdict, even though she was dismissed from the case

OpenAI says it thwarted malicious state actors out of China, Russia, and North Korea, and one of them’s called Salmon Typhoon
Meghan Announces New Podcast, and No, It’s Not Called ‘The Fucking Grifters’

The boss of a takeaway called Tesla Chicken & Pizza loses trademark dispute against Elon Musk’s EV company
He called himself the Timepiece Gentlemen. Now he’s facing hard time.

Amazon is launching a chatty AI assistant called Rufus to people become smarter shoppers
KATHRYN BATTE: Emma Hayes called for the Continental League Cup to be scrapped five years ago and her points still stand… while Nikki Doucet is named as the woman behind the transition from the WSL and Championship.

Apple was just forced to crack open its App Store — but the changes are already being called ‘hot garbage’