Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

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New weight loss drug being reviewed by the FDA burns fat FIVE TIMES faster than Ozempic and Wegovy
A 26-year-old influencer who people think looks much older has a theory about why Gen Zers appear to be aging faster than millennials

Fitness experts reveal exactly how long it takes to see results after lifting weights – and it’s faster than you think
Panera founder says one of his biggest regrets is not firing people faster — and he’s even received thank-you’s afterward

Bad news for nervous travelers!  Jet stream is getting FASTER thanks to climate change and could cause severe turbulence in flight, study warns
Elon Musk told OpenAI to move faster right before he left the company in 2018: NYT

Biden is pouring $16 billion into making Amtrak trains faster, easier to get to, and more accessible