Fri. May 24th, 2024

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Inside Trump’s plans for the RNC — and why some members are worried about legal bills
Donald Trump spent over $52 million in PAC donor money on legal fees last year. Here’s where it all went.

Veteran charged with hate crime for decapitating Satanic statue has been targeted ‘because of his conservative Christian faith’, attorney claims as legal fundraiser hits $125K
It’s unlikely witnesses against Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case will be outed despite judge’s ruling, legal experts say

Giuliani: Trump Campaign, RNC Owe Me $2M in Legal Fees

Nikki Haley jibed at Trump’s mental competency and legal issues in a surprise SNL appearance
The Boston Globe is under fire after columnist Kevin Cullen ‘signed a legal notice that helped a retired nurse, 76, die by assisted suicide in Vermont,’ before writing about the experience.

Joey Barton publishes ITV football pundit Eni Aluko’s legal letters as she sues him for causing “extreme annoyance and distress”, which he dismisses as “she’s not very good at her job”.
Rudy Giuliani has claimed that Donald Trump could owe him ‘unpaid legal fees’ in a new filing