Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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‘Leaderless’ Hamas is scrambling to find a new chief after October 7 orchestrator Yahya Sinwar dropped off the radar, Israel claims

Palestinian UN teachers EXPOSED as Hamas-loving jihadists: Congress learns of Telegram club of 3,000 educators praising “holy warriors” who left Israelis “dead in hell” on October 7

The father of an IDF soldier killed on October 7 claimed his son’s decapitated head was found in an ice cream store’s freezer
Outrage as New Restaurant Opens Called ‘October 7’

Incredible story of a heroic mother of four who captured FIVE Hamas terrorists and saved more than 120 lives after gunmen stormed her farming community on October 7.
‘We don’t know where he is’: Israel’s administrative detention rates soar after October 7

Premier defends Penny Wong’s decision not to visit October 7 locations