Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Swimming great Giaan Rooney posts a touching tribute to Channel 10 star Jesse Baird – despite being unsure of whether it was the right thing to do
The last thing people needed to hear this week was what Biden thinks about ‘good sex’ but here we are anyway

EXCLUSIVE: Alexander Volkanovski’s coach gives update on Aussie UFC star after brutal knockout and reveals the first thing he said to him after waking up
Fani Willis’ Dad on Why She Keeps Cash: ‘It’s a Black Thing’

TaylorMade appears to be giving Tiger Woods the one thing Nike never did — and it’s ended one of the most lucrative sports-endorsement deals in history
The extraordinary story behind an ordinary-looking house in Sydney that sold for $45 million and the “sad” thing that happened after the new owners took possession

Trump DA Fani Willis says the prosecutor she dated once said the only thing a woman can do for him is make a sandwich
KENNEDY: So Jill, what IS it about the peacocking glamour of First Lady-dom that makes you incapable of doing the right thing – and putting fossilized Biden out of his high-officed misery?

Russia historians say the Tucker Carlson interview solidified one thing about Putin — he’s off the rails
Trump is threatening the very thing that gives NATO the strength to stand up to Russia