Sat. May 18th, 2024

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Licensed landlord ridiculed after making absurd demand in rental ad: ‘This is exploitation’

Don’t want Russia to successfully invade your country? Then do this.
Blanca Blanco poses in satin lingerie after landing in France for Paris Fashion Week: ‘This city puts me in a romantic mood!’

Richard Keys blasts Chelsea’s Conor Gallagher for cutting huge holes in his socks against Man City… as he calls for ‘this nonsense to be outlawed’ in social media rant
‘This raises alarm bells’: Four in five Americans test positive for little-known toxic chemical found in CHEERIOS that can cause infertility and delay puberty, research shows

J.Lo’s ‘This Is Me…Now’ Is a Masterful, 65-Minute Rebuttal to All the Doubters
Bill Maher says Taylor Swift could swing the 2024 election and warns Republicans against attacking her: ‘This is someone who transcends parties’