Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Tag: working

A junior colleague at the center of the Christian Horner sexting scandal is revealed to be a university graduate who rose through the ranks in motorsport before working with the Red Bull F1 boss, as new details emerge.
Lauren Boebert missed a campaign stop because she was busy working out if her ex had thrown her stuff into a pond: report

YouTube Music team laid off by Google while workers testified to Austin City Council about working conditions

The Missouri Republican Party is working to unseat the KKK-linked candidate who has been photographed performing the Nazi salute at a cross burning.
I never expected to meet my husband while working at a restaurant together post-college. It was surprisingly romantic.

About half of America’s new college graduates are working in high school-level jobs like food service and retail: report
I’m backpacking the world while working as an online therapist. I have a steady income, but I’m exhausted.