Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

    Katt Williams Says He’s Working on a Posthumous Tupac Album With Cardi B

    Paras Griffin/Getty Images

    Katt Williams has been arguably the most talked-about comedian of the past few weeks, thanks to his viral inflammatory comments about everyone from Steve Harvey to Ludacris. Now, he’s likely to ruffle more feathers in the music industry, claiming this week that he’s working on a posthumous Tupac album with Cardi B.

    Williams discussed the alleged project during an interview on Suge Knight’s podcast, Collect Call, which the music mogul records from prison; he’s currently serving a 28-year sentence for manslaughter.

    “What you got going on with some of those unreleases with ‘Pac. Shit, you got me excited,” Knight told Williams. “The different people you said you’re gonna put on there. I don’t wanna let the cat out the bag, but it’s unbelievable.”

    Read more at The Daily Beast.


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