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    REVEALED: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stuck with Mike McCarthy as head coach after learning he could NOT convince Bill Belichick to move to Dallas this offseason.

    The Cowboys haven’t reached a conference championship game since 1995.
    McCarthy sold his belief in playoff success that has eluded Dallas on Thursday provides the latest international sports news.







    The Cowboys have decided to stick with head coach Mike McCarthy, at least for next season, after team owner Jerry Jones learned he would not be able to convince Bill Belichick to move to Dallas this offseason.

    On Thursday, McCarthy examined several versions to sell his belief that the Cowboys can find a level of postseason success that has eluded the franchise for nearly three decades after it was confirmed just a day ago that he would return for a fifth season despite from a stunning wild card loss to Green Bay.

    “To the dismay of many Dallas Cowboys fans, owner Jerry Jones decided to keep current coach Mike McCarthy on the payroll to coach the team for at least one more year after their disappointing performance in the NFL playoffs,” a source said. exclusively to .

    “Many thought Mike was about to be fired, but the main reason he’s not is because Jerry Jones found out relatively quickly that he wouldn’t hire Bill Belichick.

    ‘Bill’s people went back to Jerry’s inquiries to tell him that Billy would not take the Cowboys job if they offered it to him, nor would he have interviewed for the job. Belichick’s mentor, Bill Parcells, once coached the Cowboys and Belichick knew that he would not have the power and control he would like to take the team in the direction he wanted, so he decided almost instantly that he would not. would be an option.

    Jerry Jones ‘would have fired’ Mike McCarthy if Bill Belichick wanted to coach the Cowboys

    Jones fired Belichick mentor Bill Parcells in 2006 after three seasons as the Cowboys’ head coach.

    “If Belichick had been available, Jerry Jones would have fired Mike McCarthy in a heartbeat because Jerry Jones wants to do anything to win another Super Bowl for the Cowboys.”

    The Cowboys won the NFC East and entered the postseason with the opportunity to play at least twice at home, where they had a 16-game winning streak. They emerged as the first No. 2 seed to lose to the bottom team in a conference since the 14-team format was adopted in 2020.

    On the other hand, it is no secret that Belichick is looking to get back to work after leaving the Patriots as one of the best head coaches in history and with six Super Bowl championships to his name. His 24-year coaching tenure in New England is the fifth-longest in history behind George Halas (40 years), Curly Lambeau (29) and Tom Landy (29).

    The Atlanta Falcons are planning a second interview with Belichick on Saturday, seven years after he masterminded the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history with one Tom Brady. The Patriots entered the fourth quarter, trailing 28-3 against Atlanta.

    The Falcons also interviewed Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson.

    The Atlanta Falcons have made plans for a second-round interview with Belichick on Saturday.

    Belichick also has registered interest from the Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Commanders and Carolina Panthers.

    McCarthy won a Super Bowl and attended three other NFC championship games in more than 12 seasons as the Packers’ head coach. That’s why Jones hired him in 2020 after 10 years of watching Jason Garrett’s teams fail to make it past the divisional round.

    The last time Dallas reached an NFC title game was the last of the franchise’s five Super Bowl titles during the 1995 season.

    While McCarthy has to credit being the coach of the first team with three consecutive 12-win playoff seasons to fall short of a conference championship game, there’s only so much history he can take on.

    “I’m not going to take any responsibility, and I talked to the players as well, and they have no responsibility for what’s happened here in the 20-plus years leading up to this point,” McCarthy said.

    ‘We are responsible for what happens in the program. “I know it’s disappointing for the fans, but we’re in a position to learn and grow from this and build on it.”


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