Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

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Neighbors at war in one of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs: Mansion owner takes another blow after complaining that six palm trees were “ruining her $27 million harbor view”.
Queens business owner housed EIGHTY SEVEN ‘Senegalese migrants’ in basement and charged them $300-a-month each for shelter and three meals a day, netting him $313,000 in annual rent

Cops hunt funeral home owner who kept a woman’s body in a hearse for two YEARS and stashed remains of 30 people in crawl space at his Denver house
Byron Bay fashion brand slammed by furious customers for failing to send out orders as owner boasts about lavish travels around the world

Trump, Anheuser-Busch Stock Owner, Wants to Give Bud Light Another Chance
Scientists discovered which dogs live the longest after studying 155 different breeds, and it could help you be a better pet owner

Dog sitter caught on security camera trying to have sex with six-year-old Great Dane while owner was on vacation
Facebook owner Meta to pay first dividend as three tech giants post excellent numbers

Two unique Australian heritage license plates are sold at auction for a combined $17 million – while the famous owner of one set is unmasked
Owner of house with a 25-foot shark sticking out of the roof is banned from renting it out on Airbnb (but the giant big white fiberglass is NOT the problem!)