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    Are Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Erling Haaland TRAITORS or FAITHFUL?  TV star Paul Gorton gives his verdict on some of football’s biggest names… and criticizes a manager for being “the biggest traitor I’ve ever seen.”

    Paul Gorton did not mince words when choosing which stars would be a ‘Traitor’
    Ronaldo, Sarina Wiegman and José Mourinho came under the microscope
    Come home, Harry! Bayern are struggling and Kane might be jealous of what Spurs are doing. everything is beginning







    Traitors star Paul Gorton has delivered his authoritative verdict on which football icons are traitors and which are loyalists.

    Gorton ruled over Mo Salah, Harry Kane, Erling Haaland, Jurgen Klopp and Sarina Wiegman, among others.

    The Traitors is a BBC reality television series in which the ‘Faithful’ contestants try to discover who the assigned ‘Traitors’ are to eliminate and win the grand prize.

    Gorton, a traitor who ruled the show with a “reign of terror,” was finally eliminated in a shocking banishment Thursday night.

    Most of his answers seemed to fit the stereotypes of players and coaches he was asked about, but some of his answers were surprising in a BBC Sport TikTok.

    He was first asked about former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, whom he called a “traitor.”

    Paul Gorton was asked to choose whether football stars were “loyal” or “traitors,” according to the TV show “The Traitors.”

    He described Jurgen Klopp as “one of the best people in the world” and an “absolute loyalist”.

    About Liverpool manager Klopp he said: “Absolute Faithful.” One of the best people in the world. Trust him with my life.

    Leah Williamson, captain of the England women’s team, was selected as ‘Loyal’.

    Gorton gushed about Kane, saying: “I love Harry.” Harry doesn’t have any lies in him. Absolute faithful.’

    Who was ‘the biggest traitor I have ever seen in my entire life’?

    That distinction belonged to José Mourinho, who was fired by Roma last week.

    Gorton did not give a direct answer about Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, stating: “I don’t even think Erling is in the game.” He would be meditating in a corner and somehow he would win.

    He described Everton manager Sean Dyche as “loyal” and “one of the strongest I have ever seen”.

    The same thing happened to Liverpool ace Salah, of whom he said: “Whoever is the best version of a Faithful.” “He’s even better than Klopp.”

    Gorton said Mohamed Salah was “even better than Klopp”, “whatever the best version of a Faithful is”


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    And in a surprising twist at the end, Gorton appeared to deliver a shocking verdict on England women’s coach Sarina Wiegman.

    ‘Great traitor. He has lies all over his face,” he laughed.

    But then he pulled us all a letter from Uno Reverse, correcting his comment with the old get-out clause: “Just kidding.”


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