Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Tag: criticizes

Gynecologist criticizes menstrual synchronization “myth” that women who live together menstruate at the same time: “It portrays women as breeders who have no control over their bodies”
Kemp criticizes Biden’s electric vehicle push

Nikki Haley criticizes Trump for defending Putin and insisting that he had not ‘killed people’ after Navalny’s death: the former president’s latest rival unloads his praise on the Russian leader

Texas state lawmaker criticizes ‘universal basic income’ programs: ‘We can’t just hand out money like popcorn on street corners’
The furious Don Jr attacks team member Ilhan Omar after she said she is “Somalia first” and criticizes her because the United States “isn’t even in the top three.”

Are Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Erling Haaland TRAITORS or FAITHFUL?  TV star Paul Gorton gives his verdict on some of football’s biggest names… and criticizes a manager for being “the biggest traitor I’ve ever seen.”
Judge orders the release of the accused of the ‘Newburgh Four’ and criticizes the role of the FBI in the terrorist operation

Andy Murray criticizes commentators who suggested 16-year-old rising tennis star Mirra Andreeva “isn’t mentally strong enough” while she was 5-1 down in the deciding set… before winning 7-6 to surprise the Australian Open.
Distressing moment as a ‘fentanyl user’ writhes and moans on a San Francisco street for TWO HOURS, while a local journalist criticizes progressive activists who she says want to cover up the crisis.