Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

    ‘Class war’: Laura Jayes slams PM over tax cuts

    Sky News presenter Laura Jayes has attacked the Prime Minister as he is set to break an election promise and make changes to the third phase of tax cuts. As currently written into law, starting July 1, the 37 percent tax bracket for incomes between $120,001 and $180,000 would be eliminated and they would instead pay 30 cents on the dollar, meaning those earning between $45,0001 and $200,000 would pay the same rate. But under Labour’s expected change, the 37 per cent rate will continue to apply for those earning between $135,000 and $190,000, with the top rate of 45 per cent applied after that. The Prime Minister vowed several times in the run-up to the last election that he would stick to the third phase of the former coalition government’s tax cuts. He is expected to give further details of the changes at the National Press Club on Thursday. “In one fell swoop he may have destroyed his greatest asset: integrity,” Ms Jayes said. “For almost two years he promised, assured, guaranteed and confirmed over and over again that he would not take the third tax cut, but now he will. “This is class war, this is the politics of envy at first glance based on the details we know so far, and it is the kind of crude politics that he actually promised to eradicate.”


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