Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

    Amish Horse and Buggy Stolen From Walmart

    STURGIS, Mich. – A woman has been apprehended and is anticipated to be charged after purportedly stealing a horse and buggy from a Walmart parking area during the weekend.

    Authorities responded to a local Walmart on Saturday following a report from an Amish family regarding the theft of their buggy and horse.

    A truck driver informed investigators that he witnessed the incident and provided a description of the suspect. Police disclosed that they had previously encountered the suspect, a 31-year-old Sturgis resident, earlier in the day at the same Walmart, though they did not elaborate on the circumstances of the prior interaction.

    Later in the evening, the horse and buggy were discovered unoccupied nearby, law enforcement stated. The woman was located at a nearby motel and apprehended without any resistance.

    Although the suspect has not yet been arraigned, authorities anticipate that she will face charges of larceny and larceny of livestock. Both the horse and buggy have been returned to the family, apparently unscathed.

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