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    Powerball Australia: Aussie reveals what you should never do if you win $200 million

    A self-styled tax guru has given Australians advice on what to do if they win Powerball’s record-breaking $200 million jackpot tomorrow.

    With no Division One winner for the past six weeks, Powerball’s Thursday night draw 1446 has become the biggest lottery prize in Australian history.

    Tax guru, Kiki, has shared her tips for potential First Division winners in a video posted to social media.

    Kiki explained that the $200 million jackpot is tax-free in Australia.

    Australian tax guru Kiki has shared her tips for the potential Division One winner

    She advised the winner not to go to work, saying: “If you have a job, or a university or school, or if you have any obligations, just cancel.”

    “Don’t go anywhere because let’s face it, you don’t want to be there.”

    Additionally, Kiki suggested that the winner inform only one person, whether it be a roommate, partner or parent, so that he/she can celebrate the excitement privately and have space to reflect.

    She said the winner should quit their job without revealing the reason behind their decision, especially if it is a routine nine-to-five job that they don’t like.

    “Let’s face it … if you have $200 million, you probably don’t need to be doing what you’re doing now unless you’re saving lives,” she said.

    “Just say you’re reassessing your next steps and see if you can negotiate the notice period.

    “You really want to shorten your attendance at work; you just want to wrap it up and close that chapter of your life. ‘

    Kiki discouraged the winners from taking drastic steps, such as paying off mortgages, and instead recommended booking a first-class ticket to Italy.

    “Don’t do business, don’t do economics, don’t be a farmer, just book that first class,” she said.

    Kiki said the winner had to tell just one person, quit their job and buy a first-class ticket to Italy for a ‘thinking holiday’ where they had to think deeply about the ways in which they would spend the money.

    She stressed the importance of not buying too many expensive items during the trip, as she considers it a “thinking holiday” about what to do with the money.

    Kiki recommended dedicating each day to thinking and writing down thoughts about what they would do with a specific aspect of their newfound wealth.

    “If you want to help your parents, you just spend a whole day doing it and think about it carefully,” she said.

    “Okay, you pay off their house; what now? You have all this money. Are you going to set up a trust fund for them? Are you going to take them on holiday? Are you going to buy them a holiday home?

    “It’s very important that if there are five things in your life that you really want to fix or focus your attention on as a result of winning this money, that you spend a whole day on that one thing so that you don’t become overwhelmed .’

    With no Division One winners over the past six weeks, Powerball’s Thursday night draw 1446 has ballooned to a whopping $200 million – the largest lottery prize in Australian history

    Once the initial planning was complete, Kiki encouraged the winner to think about their personal goals and how they could use the money wisely, whether it be starting a business, creating a real estate portfolio or pursuing other ambitions.

    The tax guru said the winner should think about financial decisions as if they were “poor” and not use the money as an instant fix.

    “It is essential that you have the mindset that you are poor when you think about your future,” she said.

    Kiki concluded the video by stating, “The most important thing is that you do all your thoughts in your peasant clothes.”

    You can purchase tickets for the $200 million Powerball 1446 drawing at any licensed lottery outlet, online or The Lott mobile app. The deadline to purchase tickets for the Powerball draw is Thursday at 7:30 PM AEST.


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