Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

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Emma Stone’s stunning Los Angeles home sells for more than $4 million in less than TWO WEEKS after she put it on the market, nearly double the $2.3 million she paid for it in 2019, but just shy of of the city’s new ‘mansion tax’ threshold.
Big Bang Theory Creator’s Former Influencer Chuck Lorre Breaks Silence on Divorce: Arielle Lorre Admits Their 33-Year Age Difference DID Play a Role in Their Split from the $500 Million Sitcom King

Former Twitter execs say Elon Musk still owes them $128 million in severance
BRIT Awards 2024 attract 3.1 million viewers as ratings drop by almost a million despite performances from Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa and Raye.

Neighbors at war in one of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs: Mansion owner takes another blow after complaining that six palm trees were “ruining her $27 million harbor view”.
Brazen squatter who refuses to leave Long Island couple’s $2 million ‘dream’ home they bought to live with their disabled son ‘has done this before’

Sad reason why solar energy company G-Store Pty Ltd collapsed and all workers lost their jobs and debts worth $3.8 million.
KENNEDY: Is there ANY star as selfish as Adele?  The $200 million Princess on a Pea diva cancels more Las Vegas shows, but she can’t afford to feel even an ounce of empathy for the fans who’ve been duped yet again… try that it has its feet on the ground like a Russian nuclear satellite.

Japan is “mourning” Shohei Ohtani’s wedding, says one of the country’s biggest newspapers after the $700 million Dodgers star SURPRISED his fans…and his team!  – announcing marriage to a mysterious woman