Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

    Tag: $5,000

    Mend it like Beckham! Men are having their NIPPLES reconstructed to look like soccer star’s as part of $5,000 bizarre cosmetic trend, top plastic surgeons reveal
    The S&P 500 just cracked 5,000 points — but don’t count on its stellar returns continuing

    Tim Cook was asked about Vision Pro’s sky-high price tag. He pointed to the 5,000 patents inside.
    The strange details of billionaire baron Justin Hemmes’ wild 40-hour party for 5,000 Merivale employees as he hosts a ’90s-themed rave in Sydney

    Welcome home! UK’s only giant pandas arrive at sanctuary in China after 5,000 mile journey from Edinburgh Zoo where they had been for 12 years
    Incredible moment humpback whale gives birth is captured on video for the first time – before pod make 5,000 mile voyage to their feeding grounds

    Current UAW demands could increase EV prices up to $5,000 — and ‘torpedo’ Ford and GM’s business model, analyst says

    5,000 m in 14 minutes!  Ethiopia’s Gudaf Tsegay breaks 5,000m world record with a stunning five-second time in Oregon… almost 12 seconds faster than her previous record
    Gen Z left astounded by the appearance and price of a $5,000 television back in 1999

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