Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

    Tag: billion

    The AI craze drove investors to pour a record $8.5 billion into tech funds last week, Bank of America says
    The Treasury Department plans to sell $123 billion in T-bills right on the X-date, but there’s a catch

    Lucid Motors slides after the Tesla rival says it will raise $3 billion, mostly from a Saudi Arabian fund
    Russian missiles and drones had a 90% failure rate in May and that cost the Kremlin $1.7 billion, Ukraine says

    Microsoft’s valuation could surge $300 billion with ChatGPT and AI set to transform its business, Wedbush says
    A Chinese EV billionaire’s wealth has plummeted 75% to $1.4 billion as aggressive price wars push customers to higher-tier cars — like Tesla or BYD

    Meet Jensen Huang, the 60-year-old cofounder of chipmaker Nvidia, whose wealth has more than doubled this year to nearly $35 billion thanks to the AI boom
    The Treasury Department plans to issue $170 billion in T-bills right around the X-date as its cash balance shrinks further

    The ‘AI revolution has begun’: Here’s how Wall Street is reacting to Nvidia’s jaw-dropping earnings report that added $230 billion to its market value

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