Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Tag: damages

A company has to pay a woman $105,000 in back pay and damages after firing her when she refused to retire at 65

PICTURED: Pennsylvania outfielder John McKivison, 49, will receive $2.25 million in damages after Roundup herbicide ’caused his rare blood cancer.’
Zealous Trump supporters chase protesters out of a Las Vegas rally as the former president tells Nevada voters that “your primary vote means nothing,” just hours after he was slapped with a staggering bill damages of 83.8 million dollars.

Judge denies new trial and reduces damages in Maya lawsuit

New York Times Sues OpenAI and Microsoft for Copyright Infringement Alleging ‘Millions of Articles’ Used to Train Chatbots: Lawsuit Says Companies Should Be Liable for ‘Billions of Dollars in Damages’

Ukrainian air strike damages Russian naval ship in Crimea