Sat. May 25th, 2024

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Trump Campaign Dismisses ‘Inconsequential’ California Debate, Skipping Third Debate and Pressing for GOP’s Remaining Contests

Kamala insists Joe will WIN in 2024 because there is ‘too much at stake’: VP Harris ignores the dire polls, mounting concerns about Biden’s age and dismisses Trump’s chances

Mark Zuckerberg dismisses Elon Musk’s latest attempt to egg him into a backyard fight: ‘Mark takes this sport seriously and isn’t going to fight someone who randomly shows up at his door’
James Carville dismisses concerns that Democrats don’t have a strong presidential bench for 2028: ‘So many people, it’s breathtaking’

North Korea’s Kim dismisses top general, calls for war preparations
Trump Handed Another Loss as Judge Dismisses His ‘Big Lie’ CNN Lawsuit