Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Tag: easily

2 House Republicans push back against claims that a president can easily fix the border: ‘Why didn’t Trump just shut down the border? He couldn’t.’
Hacker reveals how easily he can steal all your data from your iPhone and empty your bank accounts: ‘It takes ten seconds’

Men in medieval China were able to move up the social ladder as easily as male Baby Boomers in the US, study suggests
Adam Kinzinger says he should’ve been ‘worried’ at how easily he was able to reach Marco Rubio before endorsing him in 2016: ‘No presidential candidate should be that available’

Why do I bruise so easily? Could it be something serious?
A GOP congressman says conservative hardliners who helped oust Kevin McCarthy as speaker could ‘very easily’ cause the party to lose its House majority in 2024

Bachelor student Thomas Malucelli reveals his drug and porn addiction past and how he got his life in order: ‘I would easily spend $2,000 on cocaine and MDMA’
Burning Man costs most people a minimum of $800 for just a ticket and a parking spot. All the other expenses can easily push the total cost into the thousands.

Russia says it will not let foreign banks exit the market easily — unless they unfreeze Russian assets
Moderation on a popular AI image generator can be easily circumvented to create images that drive conspiracy theories, new report finds