Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

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Xi just fired China’s top markets regulator. It shows his focus is still on control above all else.
Football’s ‘stubborn refusal to put players’ health above all else’ is blasted by brain injury charity Headway – after Harry Maguire played on against Fulham despite suffering a blow to the head and appearing dizzy

Can you transfer your mortgage to someone else?
Elon Musk’s touted successor left Tesla after a 13-year stint under the billionaire, which ‘is like working 50 years for anyone else,’ analyst says

Joel Embiid wants the NBA title ‘in Philly or anywhere else’
Chris Christie Believes He Can Take Down Trump. Does Anyone Else?

Trump’s Waco rally fans take his word as gospel and can’t fathom voting for anyone else: ‘Whatever he says is just golden for me’
GOP Leader Threatens DirecTV: Bring Back Newsmax—‘Or Else’

America’s millionaires aren’t leaving the US to avoid taxes — they’re trying to find the American Dream somewhere else, report says
Snapchat Predator Sentenced to More Than a Decade Behind Bars After 14-Year-Old Runaway Found Under His Bed ‘Wearing a Sweatshirt and Nothing Else’