Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Tag: firing

SEC investigates whether OpenAI investors were misled by CEO Sam Altman’s unexpected five-day firing for not being “candid in communications” with board of directors
A House Democrat admits Biden’s aging is noticeable, but says the president is ‘firing on all cylinders’

Meet the Aussie bank boss who wants to keep cash alive – and is hiring instead of firing branch staff
Yorkshire reach out-of-court settlement with ex-medical chief Wayne Morton after firing him over sex scandal claims – with county’s compensation bill surpassing £2m for 16 unlawful staff sackings

A company has to pay a woman $105,000 in back pay and damages after firing her when she refused to retire at 65

Sam Altman wants people to move on from the ‘soap opera’ that was his brief firing from OpenAI

Speaker Johnson Demands Firing of Federal Workers Reportedly Staging Pro-Palestinian Walkout
The S&P 500 looks risky, there’s a 75% chance of recession this year, and a firing frenzy is looming, elite investor Jeffrey Gundlach says