Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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Kirsten Callaghan, who plays the first British woman to swim the English Channel in a new film, reveals she was left “traumatised” after having to learn to swim in freezing water and battle seasickness, seaweed and eels.
Gwyneth Paltrow says white women should learn ‘ruthless self-acceptance’ from black women: ‘My black friends know themselves’

SAMI MOKBEL: Arsenal tasted a crash course in winning at all costs against Porto. If Mikel Arteta’s young side are to go deep in the Champions League they’ll need to learn the dark arts of European knockout football fast
Former Salesforce exec says large language models must learn how to code if they want to level up

Don’t worry — the machines won’t be as smart as humans for a long time, because they’ve still got a lot to learn
Brooklyn principal goes on astonishing rant after she was blasted for making students learn remotely so her school could shelter migrants during storm

Russell Crowe is stunned to learn he is linked to the last man to be beheaded in Britain: the Machiavellian schemer known as ‘The Fox’ was the origin of the phrase ‘laugh out loud’ after bursting into laughter when nine people were killed when a house collapsed tribune in its execution
Scientists reveal how we can learn to talk to aliens – and stop an intergalactic war if they ever make contact