Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Tag: painted

Vandalism investigation opened after swastika was painted on wall adjacent to Holocaust memorial
Gym-goer apologises after she is criticised for wearing painted ‘leggings’ in failed ‘social experiment’

Grammy-winning rapper Young Thug is painted as the leader of a criminal street gang that murdered and committed slew of violent crimes in Atlanta area over the past decade as he stands trial for racketeering

Nottingham Panthers pay tribute to Adam Johnson with poignant message painted onto the ice calling him ‘forever our 47’… in the wake of his tragic death in horror accident
New Qantas boss Vanessa Hudson is brutally cut down by a senator over ‘Yes’ logos painted on the side of planes

The Russians painted elaborate camouflage on their warships in Crimea to try to confuse Ukraine’s maritime drones, but that didn’t stop Ukraine from decimating 2 vessels and setting the Sevastopol port ablaze
David Solomon defends his leadership of Goldman Sachs on CNBC. ‘I don’t recognize the caricature that is painted of me.’

Barbiemania: How Warner Bros. and Mattel Painted the World Pink and Created Marketing Magic
Elon Musk painted over the ‘w’ on Twitter’s sign at its San Francisco headquarters, changing it to ‘Titter’