Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Tag: queues

Up to 1,000 ultra-fast plug points will be installed at service stations that will be able to charge an electric vehicle in just five minutes to combat queues.
Customers around the world receive first pre-orders of iPhone 15 as queues form at Apple Stores in Britain, France, and Thailand

Race to leave Morocco: Huge queues form outside Marrakesh airport as tourists scramble to return home after devastating 6.8 magnitude quake left more than 2,000 dead
BREAKING NEWS: CHAOS for thousands of England and Argentina rugby fans as they face crushes and long queues in a rush to get inside the Stade Velodrome in Marseille for kick-off at Rugby World Cup

Discontinued Live Tickets: Fans prepare for Ticketmaster queues as more reunion tickets are sold out
UK ambulance strikes LIVE: A&E queues as paramedics walkout and Health Secretary slams union boss

Queen Elizabeth’s Death Sends Brits into Grief Spiral With 35-Hour Queues Predicted to Pay Respects at Coffin