Wed. May 29th, 2024

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The ‘woke’ reason why many young Aussies are turning down high-paying jobs and quitting their current positions
JAN MOIR: Snow WOKE! The star of the new Snow White has labelled the prince a ‘stalker’, says the remake of the classic film isn’t a love story – and don’t mention the seven ‘magical creatures’!

Far-Right Snowflakes Just Cannot Get Over This ‘Woke’ Razor Company
Polling suggests that defeating ‘woke’ policies in schools and government is not a priority for most Republican voters

Ron DeSantis Rails Against ‘Woke’ at Moms for Liberty Summit i
‘Pathetic’ Fans Are Extremely Mad Barstool Sports Has Gone ‘Woke’

Now that DeSantis has made attacking ‘woke’ his signature move, Trump says he doesn’t like the word because ‘half the people’ who use it ‘can’t even define it’
Do No Harm, a group of ‘medical professionals’ fighting ‘woke healthcare,’ is behind many anti-trans laws

Instagram influencer Bri Teresi guns down boxes of Bud Light and Tampax in protest at ‘WOKE BRANDS’
AOC said the story of Rosa Parks is ‘too woke’ for the GOP after mention of her race was removed from teaching materials