Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

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Jordan Peterson Whines Over ‘Woke’ Report on Drop in Traffic Deaths
Google Pulls Gemini’s AI Image Generator After ‘Woke’ Photos

New Netflix hit Avatar: The Last Airbender is caught up in ‘woke’ row as filmmakers admit toning down ‘iffy’ sexism in live action remake of much-loved animated series
Australian dad burns his Rip Curl shorts after iconic brand used a trans woman to promote women’s surfing: ‘Go woke, go broke’

Meghan McCain ‘Horrified’ by Jon Stewart Going ‘Woke’
ABC is criticized for making the 9pm New Year’s Eve show all about ‘Invasion Day’ with a ‘woke’ Aboriginal rapper, as disappointed parents ask: ‘Where’s the Bluey fireworks for kids?’

GOP senator says she choked on ‘woke policies’ at Senate lunch where Rand Paul used Heimlich maneuver to save her life
MAGA Media Warns Fox News Viewers: Lachlan Murdoch Is ‘Super Woke’

Accused Groper Matt Schlapp Laughably Blames ‘Woke’ Politics for His Fox News Ban
Sen. Tommy Tuberville argues the Navy is ‘too woke’ because ‘people are doing poems on aircraft carriers’