Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

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Humble Australian fisherman in thong describes how he saved 25-year-old driver from burning car
‘My stomach sank’: Nanny describes frantic day in Connecticut, mother of five missing

‘You don’t know whether they’ll keep you alive or kill you’: Israeli mother held hostage with her three-year-old twins describes daily ‘Russian roulette’ of her 52-day Gaza ordeal as she begs for the release of her husband

Jonathan Majors’ accuser testifies in assault trial, describes altercation in car
Liz Cheney Describes Trump’s ‘Nauseating’ Jan. 6 Plans to Rachel Maddow

Booker Prize judges deny this year’s winner was influenced by last week’s riots in Dublin after Paul Lynch’s novel Prophet Song which describes police and protesterts clashing in Ireland is handed the award

Pete Doherty admits running away on the night Mark Blanco fell to his death from a balcony as he describes the incident as ‘shady and f***ed up’
An American nurse who was evacuated from Gaza describes the hospital staff who stayed behind: ‘We’re going to die saving as many people as we can’