Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

    Tag: employees

    How companies spy on their employees as they push return-to-office — from monitoring badge swipes to tracking breaks
    219 individuals arrested in Florida human trafficking operation, including three Disney employees and a teacher

    Hey, CEOs: Stop dating your employees and trying to cover it up
    Billionaire investor Bill Ackman’s answer to the RTO pushback is to let employees work from anywhere in July and August

    3 smart strategies a small-business owner uses to manage 20 employees in 7 time zones
    Most company executives don’t care if employees use ChatGPT to do a second job – as long as they get their work done

    Ford and GM workers already make $20 more an hour than Tesla employees. Their union’s demands would double that gap.
    Bad news, star employees: You’re not the ones who’ll benefit the most from AI

    Employees are increasingly getting ‘AI Anxious’ — they’re worried about falling behind on AI and even pretending to be ‘in the know’ to colleagues
    Boeing’s CEO is commuting to the office by private jet, and some employees who have returned to the office are mocking him, report says

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