Mon. May 27th, 2024

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Ashley Benson hugs the baby girl while out with her husband, oil heir Brandon Davis, for the first time since giving birth.
China might have a friendlier face now, but it’s not giving up on its aggressive Wolf Warrior diplomacy, experts say

Leaked audio obtained by Russian spies reveals Germany considered giving Ukraine missiles to destroy key Crimean bridge: WSJ
Turns out that giving up the grind and retiring to Italy is as good as it sounds

Dems Must Avoid Giving in to Russiagate Hysterics Again
Jon Stewart Calls Out Biden Admin for Giving Israel a Pass

AT&T is giving customers a $5 credit for its cellphone outage. Some angry customers say it’s not enough.
Oregon is giving homeless young people $1,000 a month to get back on their feet. Here’s how it’s going.

Houthi attacks on ships are giving the rebels and Iran intel on how to hunt down and strike naval targets, war experts say
US agents fooled a yakuza boss into giving them weapons-grade plutonium he thought would be sold to Iran: court docs