Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

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Pauline Hanson makes explosive claims about why most voted NO to The Voice – before unleashing on Indigenous Australians in one of her most explosive speeches to date
NFL RedZone are forced to EVACUATE their studios as emergency alarm sounds during broadcast, with host Scott Hanson branding the situation ‘unprecedented’ before receiving ‘all clear’ after ending coverage

Pauline Hanson slams Bruce Lehrmann’s alleged rape victim: One Nation leader launches extraordinary Senate spray at unidentified woman – as she claims ‘public lynching of men has become a national sport’
Surprise, Surprise: Failed MAGA Candidate Gabrielle Hanson Cries ‘Election Fraud’

No campaigner Pauline Hanson spotted far from home days before national vote in Voice referendum
Pauline Hanson sues Mehreen Faruqi over ‘Pakistan’ tweet

Pauline Hanson has slammed One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham over a ‘disgusting’ tweet
Pauline Hanson criticizes the Anthony Albanese government for its high rate of immigration

Megan Barton Hanson and Hana Cross stun as they head for a night out to Chiltern Firehouse
One Nation’s Pauline Hanson goes after Greens deputy Mehreen Faruqi again over Queen tweet