Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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Gynecologist criticizes menstrual synchronization “myth” that women who live together menstruate at the same time: “It portrays women as breeders who have no control over their bodies”
Soccer tournament bosses are accused of sexism for forcing Young Matildas to play in ankle-deep snow: ‘It wouldn’t happen in male football’

‘Joe Biden created this invasion of illegal immigrants, and only I can stop it’: As BOTH 2024 front-runners campaign at the border today, DONALD TRUMP gives the Daily Mail his unflinching view of America’s No. 1 election issue.  So where are you?
Olympic champion Scott Hamilton responds to hilarious gaffe when Jeopardy contestant identifies him as Mary Lou Retton: ‘It was the hair, wasn’t it?’

Oscar De La Hoya challenges UFC chief Dana White to a FIGHT in potential co-main event with Ryan Garcia vs Sean O’Malley crossover: ‘We’re cool… it doesn’t mean we can’t go at it’
Tesla investor Cathie Wood says she’s been selling Nvidia stock for some time: ‘It has become a check-the-box stock’

Jimmy Barnes reveals how close he was to death: ‘Not gonna make it!’
Sugababes embroiled in a feud as former bandmate Heidi Range’s mother SLAMS the group for picking up a MOBO Award without her… while Mutya Buena hits back: ‘Get over it’

New rules for banks would be the ‘end of real-estate finance as we know it,’ MBA says
Michael Sheen reveals why he has quit Hollywood to live in his Welsh hometown and says ‘it would take a lot’ to go back: ‘My life is elsewhere’