Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

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Kanye Accuses Adidas of ‘Rape’ Over ‘Fake’ Yeezys
Kanye West slams Adidas for releasing ‘fake’ Yeezys without his consent, accuses brand of trying to ‘rape your favorite artist’ and suing him for $250m – one year after partnership was terminated over his anti-Semitism

A Pennsylvania cop charged with sexual assault told his accuser he didn’t ‘intentionally rape’ her, police say
Kentucky man charged with rape, sodomy and strangulation after stashing a teen girl inside trap door hidden under a rug claims he was simply HELPING the girl after her grandma kicked her out of the house

Rape, torture used to silence Iran’s detained Mahsa Amini protesters, Amnesty says
Long Island Man Charged With Rape, More After Naked Teen Flees His Home

Diddy Accused of Rape, Revenge Porn, and Drugging in New Lawsuit