Thu. May 30th, 2024

Tag: rushing

Healthcare startups are rushing to sell AI to hospital systems. But a new survey suggests many simply aren’t ready for it.
Costco and Sam’s Club shoppers are rushing to buy a $150 dupe of an Anthropologie mirror that costs $1,200

A millennial who regrets rushing to be a manager in her 20s explains what she wishes she knew then and why it’s fine to never want to be a boss at all
Bob Menendez is rejecting the wave of calls for him to resign after his federal indictment, arguing that ‘some are rushing to judge a Latino and push him out of his seat’

All the Worst Men Are Rushing to Defend Russell Brand
Los Angeles cop Ryan Clinkunbroomer shot and killed while sitting in his patrol car: Footage shows 19 police cars rushing to scene as gunman still on the loose after ambush

Bodycam Shows Cops Rushing into Florida Walmart After Deadly Shooting Led to Chaos Among Shoppers
China’s housing market is so bad people are rushing to the US to buy a home

Putin admits Russia doesn’t have enough drones, warplanes, and ammunition for the war in Ukraine, even though it’s been rushing military production all year
Tree of Life Congregants Recall Rushing to Help During Massacre