Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Tag: ‘stupid’

Lala Kent, 33, reveals she wants a second child through IUI because it’s stupid to ‘wait to fall in love with a man’ to have a baby… after ‘love rat’ Randall Emmett broke her baby heart
Taylor Swift “is irrelevant” in Travis Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs’ recent struggles, says former NFL player Merril Hoge, as he blasts critics who blame her for the team’s loss: “It shows how weak and stupid the teams are.” people”

What we all forget about the upcoming Trump fraud verdict: It’s the chicanery, stupid
Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’s ‘sick and tired’ of being around ‘stupid people’ in Congress

Steve Bannon Blasts Fox News as ‘TV for Stupid People’
Michigan Tech University professor is slammed for blasting conservative students as ‘childish, stupid, homophobic, dumb, racist twists’ after they constructed mock Berlin Wall to commemorate 34th anniversary of its fall

Billionaire who gave $25m+ to Columbia says students are stupid for not supporting Israel, threatens to stop donating
A GOP congressman said Gaetz got ‘schooled by AOC’ when he ousted McCarthy: ‘I can’t believe he’s that stupid’

Biden, 80, dropping out would NOT be a ‘total shock’: Biographer says president has ‘insecurities’ about ‘being perceived as stupid’ – and sparks more questions about his 2024 bid
Former Judge Rips Trump Lawyers for ‘Stunningly Stupid’ Move