Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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Donald Trump’s Running for Dictator. What’s Nikki Haley Running for?
‘Thank God, only one day’: Biden mocks Trump over his dictator remark

Donald Trump REFUSES to rule out being ‘a DICTATOR’: Tells Sean Hannity he may get revenge on his enemies on ‘Day One’ – after dodging question about abusing the law to ‘go after people’
Top author says Donald Trump will be Julius Caesar-esque DICTATOR if he wins in 2024 and could use his enormous power to refuse to stand down in 2028

Kim Jong-un’s daughter has been referred to around the world by the wrong name for ten years because Dennis Rodman misunderstood his dictator friend’s remarks during North Korea visit, claims ex spy
Biden admits it’s ‘not all kumbaya’ with Xi after calling him a ‘dictator’: President says there are still ‘real differences’ between the US and China – after Beijing issued furious response to president’s remarks

Guinea’s former dictator Camara recaptured hours after jailbreak
Former Guinea dictator Camara escapes from prison in jailbreak, justice minister says

AFM: The Russian President Is A Doddering But Dangerous Dictator in ‘Putin’ (Exclusive Trailer)
Mark Milley took an apparent dig at Trump, saying that the military doesn’t take an oath to ‘queen’ or ‘wannabe dictator’