Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

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Two unique Australian heritage license plates are sold at auction for a combined $17 million – while the famous owner of one set is unmasked

Married Alec Baldwin Calls Barbra Streisand (and NOT His Wife Hilaria) ‘The Sexiest Woman Ever,’ As Fans Mock THAT Infamous Spanish Heritage Scandal: ‘Point Out Hilary Is Suddenly From Brooklyn!’ !’

Burrup Peninsula: Shameful reason why an ancient indigenous site will not be on the World Heritage register
NHL star Marc-Andre Fleury is banned from wearing a custom face mask for his team’s Native American Heritage night as league scuppers his plans to honor his Indigenous wife – a month after their U-turn on Pride Tape

Starbucks faces backlash over a symbol in a Native American Heritage Month sign

Discover if you possess Neanderthal genes, as individuals with this genetic heritage have double the risk of developing a severe variant of Covid